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Styling 101: How to style your coffee table

December 16, 2020

From an early morning cup of coffee to a relaxing afternoon with a good book, the coffee table is often the most used item of furniture in the house. It’s also the easiest to style.

Coco Republic interior design stylist Laure Bebbington says the humble coffee table can show off your personality and inject fun into your living space.

“Coffee table styling is one of my favourite things to do and can be done quite frequently to change the look and feel of your living space,” Laure said. “I always encourage clients to use items collected during travel and items that show off your individual style – it’s a great opportunity to spark conversation when guests are visiting.

“If you have an upholstered ottoman as a coffee table, invest in a beautiful tray which can also be removed if you require additional seating or legroom.

“Sometimes too much of the one finish doesn’t look right so I like to mix light and dark finishes together with rattans or handmade ceramics with a flower stem for some  natural elements.”

To style your coffee table, Laure recommends dividing it into three zones.

Zone 1:

Add two or three lifestyle coffee table books, largest on the bottom, then top with an ornamental piece to break up the lines and create interest like coral, beads, candles, coasters or even magnifying glasses.

Zone 2: 

A tray is a nice,  functional addition and I love this mirrored version with brass trim. It’s lovely for contrast and the brass element makes it feel very luxurious.

Zone 3:

Play with items that add a sculptural element without adding any bulk. I love using handmade white urns in small and large sizes mixed with some fresh greenery.