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Both of us have the pleasure of meeting and talking to Halcyon homeowners regularly. Indeed, several of our family and close friends live in a Halcyon community.

One of the things we hear regularly is, ‘I should have done it sooner,’ and we ask, ‘well, why didn’t you?’ Often homeowners say that they thought a lifestyle community was a fancy name for a retirement village.  

At the end of the day, we’re nothing like a retirement village and that comes down to the fundamentals of how a lifestyle community operates.  

Halcyon acts under different legislation,  which in turn provides a much better financial model; no entry or exit fees, no stamp duty and you keep 
the capital gains on the way out.  People enjoy the benefits earlier and earlier, well before retirement. The “why” you go to a lifestyle community is different ... It is more for rightsizing, freeing up capital and making time to enjoy yourself.  

The style of independent living also means that homeowners in a lifestyle community play a major role in creating the culture, social fabric and connectivity that is the cornerstone of each community.  

Creating unique communities with different features and facilities to suit various people has also been essential to our process.  Each time we design a community we learn something new.  This not only helps us innovate, but it also improves and strengthens the operation of our existing communities, which our homeowners often tell us they truly appreciate. 

Dr Bevan Geissmann and Paul Melville, Joint Managing Directors