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Seize the day: From first time potter to prize-winning sculptor.

Be Creative
September 13, 2020

Studies have shown working with clay carries many benefits for all age groups.

From improved focus, better manual dexterity and strength in joints, hands and wrists, to a reduction in stress thanks to the creative process, it’s no surprise pottery is a popular choice among Halcyon homeowners.

Lynne Tydeman only had a few pottery lessons under her craft belt before the COVID-19 isolation period put the community pottery room and kiln out of action. She had always wanted to try her hand at pottery, so she and a few other interested locals approached a fellow clay-savvy homeowner to teach them.

While homeowners were unable to use Halcyon Lakeside’s onsite pottery room and kiln, Lynne learned some basic pottery techniques at home, which she supplemented with YouTube tutorials.

“There was enough time to rush out and buy a lump of clay so we could have a play at home during the COVID-19 isolation time,” Lynne said.

She perfected her technique solo and learned how to make moulds online, which she used to create a winning pottery sculpture submission, only her second finished piece, for the Halcyon Sunshine Coast Creative Showcase.

Launched during the COVID-19 isolation period, the inaugural art show saw 66 Halcyon homeowners enter artworks related to the theme of ‘childhood memories’. Artworks spanned eight categories, including paintings, woodwork, mosaics, wearable art, photography, quilting and craft, with John Davis announced as the overall winner for his white wooden horse on 9 June 2020.

Lynne was awarded third prize in the novice section for her clay sculptures inspired by the classic poem, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, which she originally designed as outdoor features with fine detailing and perforations that allow light to shine through.

“As a child, Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and the Pussy-Cat was something I had to learn,” Lynne said.

“In my 20s, a friend of mine made an owl and a pussycat as an outdoor light and I thought: ‘I would love to make one of those’. And hey presto, I had a crack at it.”

“It is easy for anyone to have a go themselves and you can find lots of ideas of what you can create from clay on the internet.

“At Lakeside, the facilities and opportunities to do things are enormous."

The opportunities for crafts and seeing what other people do inspires you to do more. Where else would you find all sorts of artistic skills readily available to learn something new?”