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Lock and Go
October 20, 2021

Stockland's Halcyon communities are celebrating the arrival of its 1500th homeowner: Graham Stanley, a classic Aussie road warrior who travelled far and wide before settling into Halcyon Rise at Logan Reserve (QLD).

When Graham sold his house on the Tweed Coast, he hit the road with his caravan and began exploring the country to make the most of retirement.

“I went caravanning and didn’t know what I was going to do. I was in Melbourne and COVID came along so I had to get back to Queensland,” Graham explained.

He had heard of Halcyon as his former wife lives at Halcyon Greens in Pimpama (QLD), and decided to visit Halcyon Rise to see what was on offer.

Intrigued by the  lifestyle, which blends country living with big-city conveniences, Graham made a trip from North Queensland and hasn’t looked back since.

“I came down for a couple of days to have a look and ended up staying for two weeks,” he laughed.

“I signed the contract and paid a deposit on the house; it didn’t take much convincing. That was July last year and since then to now, I’ve never had any doubts about my decision.”

Halcyon Rise sits on 100 acres fronting the Logan River and retains the rich agricultural heritage of the Logan region. It’s also conveniently located between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, making it perfect for Graham.

“It’s handy here,” he commented.

“I have brothers who live in Brisbane and my adult children live at the Gold Coast, so it’s nicely in between both to go visit. That was one of the reasons for choosing here.”

Halcyon Rise offers Graham not just convenience and an idyllic setting but also peace of mind that allows him to live the life he wants.

“It gives me an opportunity to close the door, walk out of here, hook the caravan on the 4WD and go away,” he said.

“Whether I go away for a week, a month or three months, I know that everything is secure here because it’s a gated community.

“It’s a very friendly, welcoming community.”