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Radio-Controlled Yacht Club sets sail

June 03, 2020

Ready, set, race!

A Radio-Controlled Yacht Club has set sail at Vision by Halcyon with more than 11 ‘boaties’ taking to the helm to enjoy a day by the water while keeping fine motor skills in check. 

Located at Hope Island on the Gold Coast, Vision by Halcyon homeowner Laurie Hinchcliff said the sport is perfect for waterside living. 

“I’ve been sailing since I was 12 years old, so when a few homeowners mentioned they needed another interest, we all jumped at the chance to start a Vision Radio-Controlled Yacht Club,” Laurie said. 

“First, we needed to choose a boat which was the Dragon Flight 95 as it was best suited to the water conditions of the canal at Hope Island. 

“Dragon Flight 95 comes in a kit, and we assembled them as a group and added boat numbers, so we knew whose boat belonged to who.

“It was quite fun putting them in the water for the first time and practicing as a group; however, as we have kayaks here at Vision, we have elected one homeowner act as the rescue boat in case a yacht runs aground,” Laurie laughs.

Not only is radio-controlled yacht sailing beneficial for your hand and eye coordination, it’s also great for your mental health.

“Operating a yacht is like learning to drive a manual car, once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to think about it,” Laurie said.

“It keeps you on your toes and you have to concentrate on getting the boat around the course.” 

Laurie said they’re currently racing in groups of two and can’t wait to show the grandkids their new skills.

“It’s great to get out by the water, enjoy the fresh air, and keep the mind active.” 

Laurie moved from his home in the Illawarra, south of Sydney to Vision by Halcyon four years ago, and said he enjoys everything the Gold Coast has to offer.

“The community is fantastic, and we love living by the Broadwater,” Laurie said. 

“There’s no better place to drop anchor!” 

Laurie’s tips for radio-controlled yacht racing:

  • Find the right boat to suit water conditions
  • Canals, lakes and ponds generally provide the best racing venues
  • Observe the racing rules of sailing
  • Watch the weather and strong currents if racing in saltwater
  • Maintain your sailboat and wash the saltwater off thoroughly
  • Watch out for other watercraft
  • Keep practicing; don’t take it too seriously and have fun!