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Living next door to Tricia … again

June 28, 2021

Brian and Anne Keys lived at Halcyon Landing for nearly eight years in a house next door to Tricia Taylor. Earlier this year Tricia sold her house and announced that she was moving to B by Halcyon.

The Keys had been looking at B by Halcyon for some time and decided that the prospect of a new house was very appealing. “We have built a lot of new houses during our married life,” Anne said.

“It wasn’t by plan - or by design that we ended up buying the block right next door to Tricia. We looked at all the land options at B by Halcyon and it just so happened that the block of land next to Tricia suited us best.”

“We are all happy about being neighbours again.”

The Keys, originally New Zealanders who have been in Australia for more than half their lives, are currently living in rented accommodation outside of Halcyon Landing while their new home is being built. They hope to move into B by Halcyon in October.

“Now that we are on our own, outside of Halcyon Landing, we really appreciate how good it is living in a Halcyon community. It really hits home when you don’t have those same friends around you every day.”

“Over the years living next door to Tricia we have been able to help each other on many occasions and have become close friends. It’s important to have good neighbours.’’

“We don’t tend to hold on to things – apart from each other. Life changes and you have to keep looking forward.

“The number one thing for us with this move to B by Halcyon is the quality of the house. We have chosen the openplan Grand Kuranda design. It is similar to what we had at Halcyon Landing, it’s just that everything will have that new look and fresh feel again, and of course, living next door to Tricia!”