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Live, work and play: Getting off the rollercoaster

June 14, 2021

For most Australians the idea of ‘seniors living’ has been a place to move to after retirement or in the twilight years of life.

For a new generation, one that is still working but wants more out of life, the decision to make a move to a Halcyon community is one based on lifestyle rather than their age.

Welcome to Generation X, roughly defined as those born from the early 1960s to around 1980, they slot in after the Baby Boomers and before the Millennials. Instead of listening to the Rolling Stones on an 8-track, they may have had Blondie or Wham playing in their cassette player or perhaps even Nirvana on a CD.

At Halcyon we have a number of homeowners who are in their early to mid 50s and are still working fulltime – leaving the gates each day to head to work and coming home to a social and connected community.

Instead of having to mow lawns or maintain large homes, they are using their precious weekends to fully enjoy the facilities and opportunities community living provides.

Getting off the rollercoaster

Getting off the ‘treadmill’ of busy working lives and the maintenance of a large suburban home was the catalyst for Natalie Schoenauer and Mike Mitchell to make an early move to Halcyon Greens.

The pair, both in their 50s, have high pressure roles in criminal law and IT, leaving home at 7am each morning for their busy days in central
Brisbane and not getting home until at least 6.30pm most evenings.

“I’m just over Brisbane, I’m over the constant pressure of corporate work and I feel like we should be enjoying life more than the treadmill we’re on,” Natalie said.

“We’ve worked really hard and achieved the goals we’ve set out to achieve, but now it’s time for us to enjoy that.”

Natalie credits an unusual set of circumstances for her and husband Mike’s decision to buy a home at Halcyon Greens. The pair had bought a new puppy and Natalie had taken annual leave to get Kobe a Havainese, settled into life at their spacious Carindale home which they share with Zoe, a 10-year-old Llhasa Apso and 4-year-old Bichon Frise Mia.

“I was home and had the television on in the daytime which I wouldn’t normally do as I’m at work and I kept seeing the ad for Halcyon and I thought ‘that looks bloody good’,” Natalie said.

“I decided to do my research and ask lots of questions and I decided pretty quickly that it was exactly where I wanted to be.” 

She said Mike was away for work in Sydney and by the time he arrived home on Friday night, she was “hellbent” on making the move and she had the entire pitch for Mike “all scripted”.

“I told him about the facilities, the lifestyle and amenities and how we could have a smaller home and actually enjoy our life more.”

Mike said: “I could see all the benefits as we really want to be able to enjoy our lives more while we are still young and active.

“We’re so busy during the week and our weekends are spent working on the yard or the house, it doesn’t leave much time to relax and before you know it, the rollercoaster starts again.”

Natalie said it was Mike who made the call and said “let’s throw caution to the wind and go and have a look”.

Natalie said they called early the next morning and spoke to Kris Hailey, who said she was booked up that day but would let them know if there were any cancellations.

“Kris called and said there had been a no-show and could we get there,” Natalie said. “We were about 30 minutes away at the fish markets, but
we jumped in the car and headed straight down and the rest is history.

“We fell in love with the place. It’s all just meant to be.”


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