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Heart of Halcyon shines during COVID-19

June 03, 2020

The spirit of homeowners has never been more evident as we all come to terms with COVID -19 changes.

There are countless stories of how our homeowners have reached out to their neighbours and the broader communities outside of the gates to help during the last few months.

Together with our homeowners, Halcyon has endeavoured to look after the safety and wellbeing of our communities while also trying to lift everyone’s spirit.

Our homeowners and staff are the glue which bind our communities together, offering assistance, support and trying to brighten everyone’s day with regular phonecalls or organising for Mr Whippy to give everyone a sweet treat.

Care Army – Greens
Halcyon Greens Care Army

The homeowners at Greens rallied the community to create a group responsible for helping anyone who needed it.

Keith Tonkies is the Deputy Chairman of the Homeowner’s Committee (HOC) and approached Community Manager Shannon Dunn to send an email asking for volunteers to be a part of the group. “We got 20 volunteers and they are doing various things such as helping with shopping or taking people to medical appointments,” Keith said. “We’ve also got dog walkers and others helping with gardening.”

Counselling with a cuppa – Greens

Greens’ homeowner Dawn Wilson is also part of the Care Army, and is a qualified and practicing counsellor. She has offered complimentary and confidential sessions to anyone who needed some support during the restrictions.

“I mentioned it to Shannon and said I was happy to meet with anyone who felt they needed it, just for a cup of tea and a chat or something more,” she said.

“This is my community and I love it, so I wanted to make sure anyone who needed some support could get it.”

Wandering Minstrel – Greens
Halcyon Greens Acts of Kindness Peter Fahey wandering minstrel

Keen singer and guitarist Peter Fahey decided to bring the music to the people, wandering through the streets of Halcyon Greens so the community could have some entertainment.

“I figured if we couldn’t have any live entertainment, then why not improvise,” Peter said.

“We’ve had a few birthdays recently so I’ve gone around and sung Happy Birthday Sweet 16 to them and one guy has an Italian background, so I sung That’s Amore to him.”

A true entertainer, Peter’s musical talents were featured on the local Gold Coast Channel 7 News and in the Courier Mail and Gold Coast Bulletin – a welcome antidote to some of the heavier news we’ve been used to seeing each day.

“We’re all focussed on doing the right thing with social distancing and trying hard to beat this thing, so I thought it was a good way to try and make people smile,” he said.

Gardening – Glades
Halcyon Glades Ann McKenzie Caboolture gardener

Ann McKenzie has a magic touch with flora and fauna, her green thumb a welcome addition to her neighbour’s garden.

Ann started helping her neighbour Juliana, who has been unwell, so she doesn’t have to worry about it or pay a professional to come in and maintain it.

“Juliana has a beautiful garden and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way, so I was happy to help,” Ann said.

Dress up for Bin Day
Halcyon Greens Acts of kindness iso bin day

Inspired by the Australian invented trend, homeowners from many of our communities put on their best fancy dress to take their bin out. There were some brilliant costumes including Superwoman, Egyptian pharaohs, cowboys, 1920s flappers and one couple dressed in their wedding finery.

Mr Whippy

There’s something about hearing the Mr Whippy van music which creates excitement and brings back memories of childhood. All of our homeowners were treated to a surprise visit from Mr Whippy, delivering ice-creams and good cheer.

Mobile library

When our facilities were closed community managers introduced a daily book delivery service, ferrying around library selections to those who have been choosing to isolate or prefer to stay at home.

ANZAC Biscuits

Halcyon purchased 4500 ANZAC Day biscuits from a local bakery in Helensvale, close to our HQ in Hope Island. We then distributed them to all homeowners in our seven communities to mark the very special day.

Takeaway nights to support local business

All of our communities have had a number of takeaway nights to support local businesses in their area. Pizza, Italian, potatoes and Thai were just some of the fare on offer, which homeowners ate in their driveways or inside their homes.

Surgical masks and scrub hats – Lakeside
Halcyon Lakeside covid masks for maternity ward sunshine coast hospital

When Noela Troyhan discovered Buderim Hospital’s maternity ward was in dire need of surgical masks, the Halcyon Lakeside homeowner came to the rescue.

“My daughter Tara is a midwife and she told me they were short of masks so she asked me if I could help as it is difficult for the nurses to be able to do their job and stay 1.5 metres away from the mums and bubs,” she said.

Enlisting two of her friends, Noela’s group managed to sew 45 masks which are made from scraps of fabric, lined in a soft cotton and have a surgical filter inserted to protect the medical staff who are wearing them.  

Birthday cake delivery

There’s no reason why you can’t have a birthday celebration even in isolation. Community managers have been busy delivering birthday cakes to anyone who has had their birthday during the past few months.

More community care
  • Coffee van deliveries to communities
  • Community Manager Kate’s weekly trivia quiz at Parks
  • Rockstar scavenger hunt at Greens
  • Ukelele concerts at Vision
Volunteer shoppers – Glades
Halcyon Glades volunteer shoppers for those in need

Described by their neighbours as “sweethearts”, Stuart and Toni-Maree Eden are first to volunteer to help those in their Halcyon Glades community.

As soon as the restrictions were introduced in mid-March jumped in to assist anyone who needed shopping done or transport to medical appointments or the like.

“We love living here and we just want to make sure everyone is ok and if they need help, we’re herenfor them,” Toni-Maree said.

“We’re just happy to be able to help.”