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Halcyon is the prize for a lifetime of hard work

January 07, 2021

The phrase we hear most often from our homeowners is: “We should have done it sooner.”

They are happy, healthy, active and engaged with their community and are squeezing the juice out of every single day and Ann and Ray Ryan are no exception.

The pair, who still work full time, moved to Halcyon Greens last March and have wasted no time in getting involved in community sporting and social activities.

“For us it’s the prize,” Ann said. “You work all your life, we still work and you raise your family and you go through some tough times in your life and there has to be something at the end of it.”

“You can’t be just living in the same house you’ve been living in since you got married.

“There has to be a prize and Halcyon is the prize and that is why we came here.”

Ray and Ann also believe Halcyon is a great place to transition from working to retirement.

“If you retired and you just got the gold watch and you went on the holiday and then you came home, well then what are you going to do?” Ann said. “For many people that’s it, they haven’t got a hobby or an interest.”

She said there are people she has met who had spent so many years working hard, they didn’t have outside interests when they arrived at Halcyon Greens

“There are people here who didn’t have a hobby and but have been able to develop one, whether it’s golf or pickleball or woodwork or something else.

“The opportunities are here to get you ready to retire.”

The last release of homes for Stage 4 of Halcyon Greens are now available.