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One of the main motives for people moving to a Halcyon community is to downsize. Large family homes, a lot of furniture, lawns and swimming pools to maintain, often with only two people rattling around and it all becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.   

That was certainly top of mind for us when we chose Vision by Halcyon. Smaller house, less garden to maintain and the security of being able to lockup and travel at our leisure.   

Little did we realise that in fact we were embarking on a much bigger life.   

The reason for this is of course because of all the friends that we have made. We know all our neighbours and because we are of the same generation we have much in common, and we all have a chance to participate in many activities together.   

We are stimulated to learn and acquire more skills; whoever said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, has not lived in a Halcyon community.  

These social connections build a very strong sense of community which at the retirement stage of our lives is a bonus.  It not only encourages sociability but also physical and mental wellbeing. We have tried new activities and continued with old ones, an opportunity not always available to older people living in the suburbs.   

We knew no one when we arrived, but now feel part of a close-knit community, a very valuable social asset which belongs to us all. 

The traditional version of retirement is not built on such a strong network of connections as is available to us here.  Certainly we lead a busier life than if we had remained in our family home and a more fulfilling one than we imagined when we first moved into Vision four years ago.  

We thank our fellow homeowners for sharing their lives and activities with us.  We know we are very privileged. 

Anne Diamond 

Vision by Halcyon