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The freedom and choice of the Halcyon lifestyle extends to when you need, or want, to move on. We get it. Life happens, and things inevitably change, whether it’s your health, the desire to be closer to family or simply a change of mind.

Whatever the reason, at Halcyon it’s easy to take that next step at any time because you’re not locked in for any term. And unlike a traditional retirement village, there are absolutely no exit fees, deferred management fees or refurbishment costs to pay when you leave.

You may choose to sell your home through our onsite sales consultants or you can appoint an outside agent to handle the sale.

In our experience, there’s solid buyer demand for our established homes thanks to the significant number of over 50s looking to downsize into a lifestyle community like Halcyon.

Best of all, you’ll keep 100 per cent of your capital gain – unlike a retirement village. You don’t share it with Halcyon and you don’t pay any capital gains tax.

Following are 10 steps to selling your home at Halcyon with Rebecca Reynolds - Sales Consultant, Halcyon Lakeside and Landing.

STEP 1 - Notification to sell your home

Advise your Community Manager that you wish to list your home for sale. You’ll be assigned a Sales Consultant who will exclusively manage the entire selling process.

STEP 2 - Home visit and appraisal prepared

Your Sales Consultant will visit you at home to discuss the process and to answer any questions you may have. A formal property appraisal is prepared as a guide for pricing.

STEP 3 - Formal appraisal and documents presented

Your Sales Consultant will make a second home visit and present documents including: formal appraisal; Selling Authority and a Halcyon Listing Agreement.

STEP 4 - Marketing packages

Your Sales Consultant will discuss the different marketing packages available and present a marketing package for your home.

STEP 5 - Document signing

The Halcyon Listing Agreement and Form 9 are signed, and a copy of each is provided to you for your records.

STEP 6 - Marketing package implemented

We create your resale brochure, list your home on the relevant websites and implement the marketing package you’ve selected.

STEP 7 - Inspections and home visits

You provide a set of house keys for inspections. Your Sales Consultant conducts inspections of your home and provides regular updates on how the sales campaign is going.

STEP 8 - Offer to purchase presented and finalised

Your Sales Consultant presents you with an offer to purchase your home and works towards achieving the best possible outcome for both parties. Once you are happy with the offer, your Sales Consultant will work with both parties to prepare a Home Purchase Agreement (HPA).

STEP 9 - HPA preparation and sign off

HPA and contracts are prepared by the Sales Consultant and signed by both parties.

STEP 10 - Community preparations and exit

Once the contract is signed, your Community Manager will be in contact to help with departing the community.