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A dog's life is anything but 'ruff' for the pooches living at Halcyon Glades.

The community’s canines are lapping up the benefits of having their own private dog park just minutes from their doorstep. The fenced and double-gated park, the first of its kind in a Halcyon community, comes complete with seating, landscaped gardens and a tap with built-in water bowl.

There’s simply no excuse not to take your best friend for ‘walkies’. It’s regularly the scene of playful canine catch-ups, giving grateful owners the chance to connect and compare notes on everything from doggy dramas to the price of petrol.

For Gill West, who lives directly opposite the park, it was one of the deciding factors in choosing her new home at Glades. The space is ideal for her high-energy Papillion cross, Mia. “It’s tremendous to have the dog park just over the road. I’m over there three or four times a day, “ she said.

“If Mia looks out the window and sees that someone’s over at the dog park then she wants to go over.” Gill said the park was another way to meet other homeowners at Glades.

“It gets used a lot and more and more people are coming along with their dogs,” she said. Another regular is Anne Gillard who appreciates the convenience and security of a private dog park for three-year-old Smoodle, James.

“It’s the best part of this place as far as I’m concerned,” she laughed.

“I took him to a council dog park once and he escaped because there was a hole in the fence.
“I feel safe having somewhere like this to take him and it’s a great  way to meet other dogs and 
other dog lovers.” Gary Hall and his Border Terrier, Remi, are also frequent visitors.

“It was a big change for Remi to come off a big housing block because he does like to have room,” he said. “We get a lot of use of the park because we’re in here up to three times a day.

“And it’s a good social outlet because you meet other people in the community who are interested in dogs.” Gary said the park eliminated the hassle of finding and then driving to a council dog park.

Newcomer Elly Davidson agreed, saying she felt the Glades dog park was a safer place for her active Toy Poodle, Meisje, to play. “I feel more secure about the other dogs; I know they are more likely to be well looked after and up to date with their vaccinations,” she said.

“We use it every day and Meisje (pronounced May-sha) gets excited at the chance to run around.”
Community manager Wanda Coleman said the park particularly appealed to homeowners who had downsized from big properties with their four-legged friends. Wanda said close to 50 dogs now live in the 183-home community.