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Words by Wendy Mosley

We moved from the UK in 2019 and were so happy when we became part of the Foundation homeowners at B by Halcyon in Buderim.

Everyone has been so lovely and we have made real friendships very quickly – so quickly that I wasn’t in the least bit offended when Jo (Feiner) said to me one night: “Wendy, you always look lovely, but you’re so formal with your suits and high heels. You need to loosen up a bit, this is Queensland.”

She was saying it in a fun way and some other ladies heard and joined in on the conversation.

I had mentioned I needed to find some brighter colours because I was wearing my corporate clothes from England, lots of navy and grey. I also told them that I had been to Sunshine Plaza but didn’t really like anything because the shopping centre has a lot of brands from Sydney and Melbourne.

They then concocted a plan for us to take the community Tesla on a shopping spree in Cottontree, where there is a block of lovely boutiques.

Unfortunately it was teeming with rain on the Friday we had planned it, so I ended up going there myself the following Monday.

I went to the first boutique on the corner and said to the sales assistant whose name was Carol and said: “I need sorting out, help turn me into a Queenslander.”

Carol took on the challenge and we had a wonderful morning, she really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I didn’t go into any of the other shops on that block, but I emerged a few hours later with 11 pieces.

I’ve been gradually turning up to events in the community in my new clothes and everyone has given me the thumbs up and remarked that “I’m looking like a Queenslander.”

It really illustrates how friendly and welcoming at B by Halcyon is. We’re so lucky to be living here. We came to Australia because we wanted an adventure and we’re certainly having the time of our life.