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Words by Rob Davis

Off we walked one Friday morning ...

There’s this group called The Halcyon Parks’ Pacers. At dawn each Friday we stride the Sunshine Coast’s scenic walkways, sniffing out eggs and bacon.   

One beautiful sunrise in 2019, a few of us paused on Moff at Headland. Out to sea was a sailing ship beating north with the rising sun on its starboard bow.  

Perhaps Captain Cook, on the same sparkling sea 250 years earlier, might have hove-to and surfed ashore. Imagine that for a minute.  

Back at Kings Beach for breakfast, with suitable fanfare, I announced to the rest of the group that I would write a play about Cook’s visit to Moffat Beach.

“That’s nice,” they said. 

The rest of the group tucked into their breakfast and then we caught the bus home.

I’m sure you understand that in addition to bashing together a script, there’s one or two other small details involved in ‘doing’ a play. We didn’t. 

Breakfast on Kings isn’t where you discuss details. You concentrate on your acai bowl. You don’t consider stuff  like actors, lights, sound, music, costumes, props or money. Somehow, that always sorts out magically back at Halcyon Parks.  

It’s something I’ve known for a long time. Ours is a remarkable community. The place brims with wonderful homeowners and management support and generosity. People step up at HP! 

Emotionally, I am humbled by the remarkable personal and corporate donations we received. I’m proud to call my community ‘home’ and watched more magic happen… 

Aiming for two shows in November, 20 actors joined vocalists and a technical crew to begin rehearsing Cook, with Music! last February. 

Cook, with Music! is an historical musical comedy. There’s tragedy, sadness, romance and eventually some compromise and reconciliation. The cast are desperate to keep it under wraps, but there are some memorable characters who poke fun at themselves and history. Believe me they’re very good! 

Cook’s real purpose is to feed enthusiasm to form a Drama Company. If we succeed, perhaps other communities might try the same.  

It just takes a walk and some imagination.