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Words by Kelly Borg, hair salon manager at Halcyon Greens.

When a client comes to me and asks for a whole new look, there are a few things I like to discuss before we make a change.

The most important thing to consider is the maintenance and whether they can manage the style by themselves at home.

There’s no point getting a new haircut which takes a long time to style yourself, or you may struggle to replicate. Many of my clients swim, so they need to consider the fact they are getting their hair wet every day.

When Julie came to me and asked for a new look, we talked about her lifestyle and what she needed to make her life easy but also to feel great.

She had the same hairstyle for many years and urged on by her husband Steve and their children, she took the plunge and went for a shorter style with some lovely warm highlights. She loves it and can’t believe it took her so long to make a change.

I have around 200 clients at Halcyon Greens, both men and women, and it’s very rewarding to be able to help them feel great.

They are so active and engaged, it’s a pleasure to be able to spend time in such a great community of people.

Kelly’s tips before you make a big change:

  1. Think about maintenance. Are you prepared to spend time styling your hair or do you prefer a wash and go look?
  2. If you’re thinking about a colour change, what is your base colour and are you ready for regrowth. For example, if your hair is starting to grey and you want a darker colour – your roots will be light.
  3. For those wanting to embrace the grey, it’s a good idea to have foils in lighter shades to balance out the hair to help ease the transition.