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She might be a feisty character, but Tara the refuge cat has been a ray of sunshine during COVID-19.

Bev Skinner rescued Tara from the Sunshine Coast Animal Rescue in June, after her previous owner could not keep her as she was moving to a refuge to escape a domestic violence situation.

“She doesn’t like men or the sound of a male voice,“ Bev said. “She takes off when she hears a man talk, so she may have been ill-treated or something may have happened.

“It’s hard to know, but she is getting better.” Tara, a long-haired cat who weighs 5.5kg, quickly found herself at home at Halcyon Parks with Bev.

“She was quite happy, she walked in and hopped straight on my bed and cuddled up to me when I was sleeping,” she said.

Bev said she had always had animals in her home, but not for a number of years, and made the decision to rescue an animal after her daughter and granddaughter welcomed cats into their homes.

“I was worried about leaving her when I go out, but she’s not stressed about it,” she said. “She’s quite happy to do her own thing.” Bev said the neighbours “think she is crazy” because she talks to Tara all the time.

“When I’m going out, I say ‘bye darling, I won’t be long,’ and I swear she talks back to me,“ Bev laughed.

“She really is wonderful and I recommend getting a pet, especially if you live alone as they are terrific company.”