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It was the rolling hills and lush rainforest setting of Buderim that attracted downsizers Cynthia and Ian Rye to Stockland's B by Halcyon.

Having lived on property in Woombye, Cynthia and Ian were looking for somewhere to retire where they could enjoy a rich natural landscape without the burden of overwhelming yard maintenance.

“It’s mainly because we had property and we wanted to downsize,” Cynthia said.

“It was a tropical rainforest. It wasn’t large but it felt large when it all grew and had to be cleaned up,” she laughed.

Ian added: “B’s not far from where we were living anyway. We love the Sunshine Coast and we love nature so we were surrounded by trees. B by Halcyon has got that, and hills.”

B by Halcyon is Halcyon’s greenest community to date, with an environmentally conscious master-planned design and complemented by almost six hectares of private open space for the exclusive use of homeowners.

“What we wanted was something similar to the property we lived on where we were surrounded by total tropical rainforest, trees and green,” Cynthia said.

“We are on the edge of the swale, which is a dry riverbed about 17 metres wide and Halcyon have planted some 12,000 plants and trees there. So, it was like moving from what we had to something similar; we have our own garden, a beautiful big patio and lots of greenery around, it’s really good.”

The opportunity to live in a tropical rainforest aside, Cynthia and Ian were enticed to B by Halcyon by the prospect of being part of a community.

“I like people, I’m a real extrovert and I enjoy people’s company,” Cynthia said.

“We’d only been here not quite a fortnight and we’d been invited to a street party and a barbecue, met a whole lot of people from our particular street. In our age group, it’s nice to be able to meet people and make friends of your own age and way of life.”

Cynthia and Ian are looking forward to making the most of Halcyon’s easy-going lifestyle, connecting to the community and living a comfortable life together in retirement.

“When you retire and you’ve been living a life of go-go-go and all of a sudden that winds down, you have to have something to replace it with, and Halcyon is certainly providing that,” Cynthia said.

“There’s plenty of things we can do, so it’s giving us a life in our retirement. We can go on with our lives and live happily ever after.”