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Blockbuster hits entertain the crowds

December 07, 2020

Homeowners at Halcyon Greens have wasted no time in making the luxurious cinema their own, using the Kaleidescape streaming technology on offer.

The group is headed up by Jim Gall, a former high school mathematics and physics teacher with a penchant for action films and is assisted
by a keen group of movie buffs.

He said a few of them got together when the cinema opened a few months ago and they set about developing protocols and policies, screening times as well as organising a roster for each session.

“We started training people on how to use the system each Tuesday and then made sure we had one trained person on hand for each movie session,” Jim said.

“We’ve trained people on how to use the system, so it’s running quite well now.”

Jim said the most popular film to be screened is The Good Liar, starring legendary British actors Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

“It’s been shown around 20 times and had about 20 private screenings,” he said. “It’s a good one, it has a real sting in the tail.”

What is Kaleidescape?

The Kaleidescape 4K Ultra HD Luxury Home Cinema is the only digital content source in the world that offers minimally compressed audio, and video that is more faithful to the studio’s version.

Using the brand’s Strato movie player, Kaliedescape offers 11,000 movies including Star Wars, Psycho, Indiana Jones, concerts, documentaries, and other content.

It uses 4K Ultra HD video where available, lossless audio, and Dolby Atmos for great sound from the content provider. A dedicated 40TB server, and mobile app viewing.

Cinema specs

•     The cinema has 40 seats with electric recliners and refrigerated cupholders
•     The screen is 6m wide x 3.3m high with 4k quality
•     A Krix audio system has been installed for block-buster surround sound
•     Kaleidescape movie streaming service for access to the latest movies prior to Australian release
•     All iPad operated for easy use by homeowners
•     Acoustic reverb side panelling behind black curtains